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Are you Dog Smart?

Hi Molly here…

It has been an exciting month! The 17th March saw the launch of our new and exciting Be Dog Smart Campaign. Education and Community Officers across the UK have been teaching children and adults how to stay safe around dogs.

“Children can come into contact with dogs every day and being around dogs can have so many wonderful benefits, but the simple fact is that all dogs have teeth and any dog can bite or snap if worried, scared or hurt. So, to reduce the number of dog attacks, whether you are a dog owner or not, it is important that we all know and teach our children, grandchildren, pupils and friends how to behave around dogs.

All children remember their Green Cross Code and we want Be Dog Smart to be just as well known. Our hope is that simple advice such as NEVER leave your child alone with any dog, never tease a dog, don’t approach a dog you don’t know and always asking the owner before you approach a dog could prevent more dog attacks.”

Dogs Trust Chief Executive, Adrian Burder

Rosie, SJ and I have been teaching children the correct way to greet a dog, examples where we should not touch a dog and what to do if a dog jumps up or knocks you over.

Below are some of the students we taught how to ‘BE DOG SMART’ from Bitterne Park school in Southampton.

The Dog Mobile came to visit Amesbury near the Salisbury Rehoming Centre in February. It was great to meet the guys on the Dog Mobile and all the lovely families in Amesbury.

We spoke to children and their parents about how to stay safe around dogs and the dog mobile helped to raise awareness of the RC in Salisbury. Lots of people offered to rehome us but SJ was having none of it!

This month we have been reading again with students in schools. The lovely students from Poulner Junior School in Dorset completed their reading challenge with us. The students read their school reading book to SJ and I. We then completed some dog themed literacy activities, such as writing acrostic poems.

Here is a picture of Ellie, Max and Charley from Poulner school in Dorset with their reading challenge certificates. These three lovely students gave a presentation to their class to teach them how to be responsible dog owners. 

The students from Rookwood School in Andover met SJ and Rosie. SJ taught the students how to stay safe with dogs and how to help keep their own dogs safe. The children at the school love dogs and most of them own a dog. The school has always supported Dogs Trust and this term they raised an impressive £100 by selling popcorn and hot chocolate. SJ said that Rosie and I wouldn’t be allowed to eat it because it is not good for us!

Well as you can see we have been really busy in the South, but don’t worry SJ always makes sure we enjoy a well earned rest. Here we are enjoying the sunshine on our lunch break looking over Portsmouth. Can you see our yellow dog mobile in the background?

We hope you had a great Easter and enjoy your holidays. Don’t forget chocolate is no good for us dogs so don’t feel guilty for eating it all yourself!

See you in the summer term!