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Bushmead Primary learnt lots!

I had an exciting visit to Reception and KS1 at Bushmead Primary school in Luton on Friday 5th May! It was Reception's FIRST ever visit to assembly and they behaved beautifully, while learning all about Dogs Trust's important job in looking after homeless dogs and how to stay safe around dogs.

Year 2 classes used what they had learnt in our assembly, combined with new information from their follow up workshop, as inspiration for writing. Just look at how much they have learnt!
Firstly from assembly, they remembered that we cared for upto 15,000 dogs last year. To help the dogs feel more comfortable, we provide little holes in our glass kennels so the dogs can have a sniff of people who come to visit them!

Another Year 2 student perfectly remembered  the 3 steps to safely stroke a new dog:

Then from our follow-up workshop on Responsible Dog Ownership, Year 2 explained some of the key duties of a responsible dog owner, even the ones that are not so pleasant:


Great work everyone!

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