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Building Confidence Around Dogs

Well thats Lauren's final session from the 'Building Confidence Around Dogs' programme complete.

Lauren has come on so much  throughout the duration of this course and to see her progress each week has been fantastic.

At the beginning, Lauren was really scared of dogs due to an incident when she was little. Over the course, Lauren has grown in confidence and can now walk past dogs confidently without putting herself in danger.

Lauren spoke about her fear at the beginning of the course and explained that she wanted to control it so she could have more fun camping with family and friends.

At the end of the course Lauren's parents wrote this- 

'The outcome of LJ’s help has been outstanding and we cannot thank her enough for the difference she has made to our family life and most importantly Lauren's life.'

'When she sees a dog, she will not put her life in danger trying to get away from the dog.  Lauren was so happy with herself with what she was doing, Lauren asked to bring a friend along on the last session to show her how much more confident she was.  Lauren also asked to take Martha for a walk around the field again holding the lead on her own.'

'The main objective from this programme was for Lauren to walk past a dog in the park and I feel that LJ’s help and talking to Lauren has achieved this. We would most definitely recommend this programme to anyone who has a child, that has a fear of dogs, that takes over day to day life to get in touch with Dogs Trust for help.'