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Back to School with Dog School!

Back to School with Dog School!

It’s the school holidays so that means that it’s time for our Family Dog Training Classes!

While children and their families are learning how to keep themselves safe around dogs, their canine companions learn a variety of fun tricks, such as ‘High Five’,  ‘Bow’ and even take part in ‘Doggy Olympics’!

Even though schools have broken up for the summer, school is not out at our Dogs Trust Kenilworth Rehoming Centre! West Midlands Dog School Trainers and Education Officer, teach children how they can ‘Clicker train’ their dogs using treats and toys as rewards. As well as going back to basics with commands such as ‘sit’ and ‘down’, we have some fun teaching the dogs how to ‘take a bow’ and give us a ‘high five’!

Children also discover how to ‘Speak Dog’! They learn some tips to help them understand how their dog might feel in different situations and some important safety messages about what to do if a dog approaches them and how to greet a dog. 


We finish off the session with a fun assault course where the dogs and the children are able to show off their skills to win prizes and a special Dog School Certificate.    

If you would like to book your FREE Dog School place at one of our Family Dog Training Classes, then please contact us at [email protected] or on 01926 485 777