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I’ve had a fabulous time at St Joseph’s Primary School as part of their health week. I decided to test the children’s knowledge of how we can stay healthy and compare it to how we can keep our dogs healthy. We had lots of different activities to help us understand how staying fit and healthy benefits humans and dogs alike. The children were amazing and could explain how both physical and mental health go together in keeping us happy and healthy and also our dogs.

We looked at foods that we might like and discussed if they were ok to feed to dogs. We discovered some foods are poisonous for dogs. We also used a dog food calculator to discuss calories and keeping our dogs a healthy weight. Did you know if you feed crisps to a dog, it’s like feeding two steak pies due to the amount calories? (We know crisps and pies aren’t good for dogs). 

We also looked at toys like snuffle mats to help keep our dogs’ brains working. We finished the sessions with some dog training to keep Dan’s brain working, as that muscle is also important.