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It’s Science Week!

Many primary schools have been celebrating ‘Science Week’ over the last few days, so me and my Education Dog, Mavis, joined in by teaching children all about a Dog’s Senses.

Through a variety of experiments, children explored what it might be like to have a dog’s senses and compared them to those of a human’s.

For the young Scientists who enjoy the more gruesome aspects, we looked at parasites that can live on the inside and outside of the body and the importance of protecting dogs against these nasties.

The brave even used their sense of touch to have a go at scooping the poop!

The children also enjoyed taking part in making a sound tunnel so they could experience what it might be like to have hearing four times better than a human’s and understand the importance of staying calm and quiet around dogs.

They were surprised to learn that when it comes to having a sense of taste, humans definitely win in the battle of the senses! Which is why Mavis is very happy to receive breakfast and dinner every day, complete with her favourite dog food.

Out of all the senses, it was no surprise that dogs are champion sniffers! The children attempted to identify a variety of dog items just by using their sense of smell but failed! So, Mavis was able to enjoy the limelight by giving a clever demonstration and showing off how she can use her super senses to find a tasty treat.

After all that excitement, Mavis enjoyed a well deserved rest on the way home!