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Teaching All Ages!

Did you know Dogs Trust workshops are available for children in all year groups? As part of our work in Primary schools we can visit all the different classes and adapt our workshops to suit their age, ability or topic!

Last week, I visited every year group at Aboyne Lodge in St Albans! At break time, I got the children to help me demonstrate the range of ages I worked with in pictures:
Whilst all the pupils came away having learnt how to keep themselves safe around dogs, the workshops were tailored a bit differently for each age group. Year 5 and 6 loved having a debate about breeds of dogs. Year 3 and 4 got stuck into a safe/unsafe card sort. Whilst, Year 1 and 2 sat beautifully and listened to a story about how to make friends with dogs.

 Ultimately though, we all came away with the same message: we can take responsibility for own actions and keep ourselves safe around the dogs we meet.