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Dogs in War

Last week I was booked to deliver a workshop with the Primary 7 class from St Michaels Primary School in Dumfries. Their class teacher had booked the workshops dogs in history and how they have helped us during times of war. This was of particular interest to the class as the World Wars are currently their class topic. Many of the class hadn’t even considered that dogs may have been involved in the war efforts. But as soon as discussions started as to WHY dogs might be able to help us in different roles… it soon became very clear!  Dogs helped us in various roles such as search dogs, sentry dogs and messenger dogs.  And this was due to things such as their size, speed, loyalty and the difference in their senses. The class carried out experiments to compare our sense of smell and hearing to that of a dog. Dogs can hear up to FOUR times further than us and their sense of smell is thousands of times better than us. Humans have around 5million sent receptors while a dog has 200 million!

The lesson also touched on how well looked after these dogs must have been to stay loyal to their owners during such difficult times. It is important that as pupils grow they build their empathy for dogs and understand that they have feelings just like us and deserve to be love respected and looked after to keep them healthy and happy.

All in all it was a fantastic workshop with lots of hands on activities and great discussions about how wonderful our four legged friends are. Thanks very much to St Michaels for having me!

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