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Trust, Love and Respect!

Well done to pupils at William Ellis School in Camden who completed a 4 week education programme with Jo our London/South East Youth Trainer.

Pupils in Yr 7 and 8 engaged really well! They learnt so much about responsible dog ownership and demonstrated some wonderful interpersonal skills/attitudes.

Week 1 - The pupils learnt about what a big responsibility having a dog is and what potential owners need to think about before getting a dog. We discussed how important having an identity tag and microchip is. These not only help to get your dog back if it accidentally gets lost but are also a legal requirement!

Week 2 - We looked at all the items a dog needs to be happy and healthy and some case studies of what can happen if these aren’t provided. We then made a dog ‘budget’ and added up how much all these items cost. We had quite a few surprised faces!

Week 3 - Pupils discussed their favourite dog breeds and soon discovered ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’ we all have different preferences. It's not only how a dog looks that is important.  Dogs have different personalities and behaviours which often link in to the way they have been treated, trained and bought up. Some dog breeds can be prone to health conditions and possibly behavioural traits, that we should research and be aware of before getting a dog.

Week 4 - A colleague Kelly visited with her lovely education dog. We discussed the qualities needed to train a dog successfully:- patient, calm, gentle, positive and consistent. We looked at the different skills a dog can be trained to do and how important these can be. Tigger demonstrated the variety of skills she had learnt all achieved through using positive rewards.



Dogs show us so much trust, love and resect and it’s really important we do that in return!