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Halloween fun


I am very privileged in my role to be based at one of our awesome rehoming centres and Evesham's is a great facility for running events for children.

Today myself, Emma-Jo (Yorkshire ECO), Britt (canine carer from Evesham) and Linda (one of our many fabulous volunteers) ran a fun Halloween event for a number of children in the surrounding areas to attend.

The team

There were a range of activities going on, almost all related to responsible dog ownership or dog safety in some way. We had feely boxes with gross feeling things in (like the obligatory beans, custard and spaghetti) all containing foods that were poisonous to dogs - chocolate, raisins/grapes, onions and mushrooms. Lots of the children, and adults, were surprised to see some of the foods that were so dangerous to dogs.

We also had a couple of craft tables, making concertina dachshunds with our key Be Dog Smart safety messages on (aptly named 'Safety Sausages by Emma-Jo!), and also some spooky werewolf masks.

We had a table making salt dough too. Not the normal lovely salt dough Christmas decorations, or even spooky ghosts. We made green, ghoulish, salt dough dog poo! As gross as it sounds, we had lots of fun doing it, and were able to chat about the reasons why people should clear up after their dogs. There were clearly some naughty ghost dog owners around, not clearing up after them!

Finally, we had a pairs game where the children had to match up the pairs of gross and dangerous things for dogs as quickly as possible. As well as recapping on the dangerous foods, the children also saw pictures of the horrid creatures that can make dogs feel so ill: fleas, ticks and worms.

There was also a spooky treasure hunt around the reception at the rehoming centre, all around what dogs need to be happy and healthy and, of course, there were cakes, sweets and drinks too. It's Halloween of course!!

All in all, we had a lovely time, hopefully the children all enjoyed the sessions and had lots of fun. Time to put the feet up ahead of another two sessions next week!