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Winter Safety Tips for You and Your Dog!

As the nights have grown darker and the weather has certainly got colder there is a lot we can do to make life more comfortable for ourselves and our lovely four-legged friends this winter.

Of course, all dogs are very different so it is important to think about how the change in weather will affect our dogs individually. Some dogs, like the lovely Molly, for instance, will probably cope with the cold very well!

Other dogs, like little Ellie on the other hand, may struggle to keep warm in the cold weather and may therefore may need a little extra help to stay toasty when out and about.

Despite differences in size, coats, age or breed there are a couple of tips which we can all use to keep our dogs happy over the winter months.

Tip 1: Be careful when out and about with your dog as de-icer and antifreeze residue can be on the ground and both are poisonous to dogs.

Tip 2: Always make sure to wipe road grit from your dog’s paws when return home from your winter walks.

Tip 3: If you are taking any trips to visit family and friends over the festive period, with your four-legged friend, ensure you take frequent breaks, so your dog can stretch their legs and stop for a drink of fresh water.

Tip 4: Christmas is a fun and exciting time for us, but our dogs can often become confused and stressed with all the excitement. Make sure they have a clear routine, even on special days like Christmas Day, and give them a quiet calm place to relax when you have lots of people over as this can become very overwhelming for our dogs.


All in all, make sure you and our dogs stay warm and safe over the next few months and have a Merry Christmas and a ‘Yappy’ New Year!