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Helping dogs to be little clever clogs!

Many of our dogs can be really smart at sussing things out. Whilst this can be great for keeping up a nice routine and helping your dog know what to expect, it can also lead to a bit of boredom and some unwanted behaviours.

In particular, at this time of year sometimes the weather is so terrible it can be unsafe to take our dogs out to explore the local area. To ensure your dog still gets some of the mental stimulation they desperately need, try a few of these little activities at home.


Children from Hereford recently came to our Evesham Rehoming Centre and filled up a few kongs for the dogs in our care to keep them busy for a while!  (see pic below) They cut up some raw carrots, mixed it with a bit of dog food, dog treats and few little pieces of hot dog sausages, then stuffed the mixture into kongs, right up to the top! These toys can keep dogs busy for ages trying to get every little bit out.

Tip: if you don’t have a kong yourself, try filling up a toilet roll tube and scrunch up both ends – similar results

Hide the Treat!

If you’re feeling creative, you could have a go at making a snuffle mat for your dog using the information below, which will hide the treats for your dog to sniff out.

But another simple way of playing this game could be to get a towel for your dog, put a few treats at the end and then roll up the towel to about half way. Now sprinkle a few more treats on the end of the towel and finish rolling it up completely. Then let the dog have a go at finding the treats! Does your dog unravel it? Or do it lift it and shake it? Maybe he’ll find a totally different technique!

 Have a great Christmas playing these fun games with your dogs.