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1st Dog Blog 2019!

Hi  Jo here!

Just spending a little time reflecting on what a busy year 2018 was!

I have had the opportunity to work with a broad variety of learners and deliver our very high quality workshops over the year.

Being able to help young people and adults develop their knowledge and understanding of a diverse range of dog related topics is so rewarding!

Some key topics that have really engaged my learners this year have included:-

1) Body language and positive relationships.

Any situation which makes a dog feel uncomfortable, scared or over whelmed/stimulated should be avoided or stopped as soon as possible.

Dog’s rely on us humans to help them enjoy life to the fullest!   We need to be responsible with our behaviour and ‘listen’ to what dogs are often trying to communicate with us.  

Understanding a dog’s feelings /emotions and body language is very important in building a positive relationship.

2) Welfare and Care needs.

It takes, time, patience, knowledge and finances to care for a dog.

Some things all dogs need like flea treating, worming and somewhere safe and comfortable to sleep.

Other care needs may vary, for example a long haired dog will need regular grooming.        


3) Train me and keep me busy!  

Dogs often love learning new things!

By using treats, toys and attention we can encourage some really positive behaviours from our dogs. Take the time to have regular short training sessions. Many dogs also enjoy mental simulation, which could include play, puzzles/scent games and food toys.

I’m looking forward to delivering our really beneficial workshops in 2019!

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