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Running 26.2 miles for Dogs Trust!

Hi! It's Jo C-F, ECO for the South East, here :)

On 28th April I will be lacing up my trainers and running the 26.2 miles of the London Marathon for team Dogs Trust! At the moment I'm excited and nervous in equal measures but I've always wanted to run the London Marathon and decided 2019 is the year! Deciding which charity to run for didn't take long: I've always been a bit obsessed with dogs and have worked as an ECO at Dogs Trust for over 5 years now so am very much aware of all the incredible work the charity does to improve the lives of dogs both now and in the future. I have my own rescue dog, Paddy, who truly is my best friend (and accompanies me on some of my school visits) so  I wanted to do my bit in helping to ensure that all dogs can live as happy a life as my Paddy pup :)

I'm doing well with my training and think this is largely due to my fantastic training partner and coach...Paddy. He's been on pretty much all of my training runs with me and is always the perfect motivator to get me outside, even on those mornings where it's still pitch black, freezing cold, dark and wet! I just need to look at his excited face, wagging tail and endless enthusiasm to remember why I'm doing this and I always feel better afterwards too. In fact, I've been really enjoying all of the training. Paddy and I just love getting out in the countryside, exploring new places and getting a bit muddy in the process!    



If you'd like to support my efforts then you can make a donation here on my Just Giving page. 

Thank you!


Jo and Paddy ♥