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No April Fooling the Children!

So, March was full of mayhem and madness from Primary to Secondary and beyond.

When working on Responsible Dog Ownership. We spoke about the reasons people get a dog and how to make the right choice of dog, depending on our lifestyle. Looking at different breeds and what jobs they did and, in some cases, still do. Everyone agreed that looks aren’t important, health and research are!

The children had great fun trying to guess the breeds of my dogs and what their personalities are like.

In Secondary schools, it was all about safety and how we can help keep ourselves and others safe around dogs. We looked at our behaviour and what was happening around us to then make a safe choice to avoid conflict. I was very impressed with their knowledge and hopefully they will help spread the message to family members. Once again, we all agreed that looks alone are not important and that you shouldn’t judge dogs based on their appearance.

Now the children on April fool’s day were not to be messed with! When scanning Bob, my fake dog, we couldn’t find his micro-chip. Tut tut! But from scanning the children, we discovered that they had been chipped! However, they all knew that you don’t chip people, so not one of them fell for it!