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Helping Homeless Dogs Charity Challenge

A group of children from a school in Leeds have been doing work for a charity challenge, the class selected the topic of helping stray and homeless dogs. They individually did some research on the topic and found out about the process dogs go through once they are picked up as a stray, when they found out that some dogs get destroyed after 7days in the holding kennels they were very upset and decided they need to do something about this. They put together some ideas about what they could do and spent a session debating their ideas in order to come to an agreement and plan for their campaign.

The first thing they did was to write to me at Dogs Trust so that I could go in and give them some more information about the care we give to dogs that come to Dogs Trust. They then wrote to their local MP to ask if there was anything, she could do to help their campaign.

During my visit to the school I explained the work we do at Dogs Trust and how we have a good working relationship with the local councils so that we can rehome as many strays as possible but I explained how much work this takes from the staff at Dogs Trust as with most stray cases we don’t have much background information on the dog. We also did some work on safety around dogs as the children were also worried that dogs were getting destroyed because they had been aggressive towards a child. I explained to them how dogs can feel scared when they are approached by a stranger and sometimes this is when a dog can attack. We then did an instruction writing activity to help other children to learn what to do when they meet a new dog.

instructions for approaching a new dog

Since my visit to the school the children have also been putting together some fundraising ideas. They want to raise money for Dogs Trust so that we can continue to provide the love and help to the dogs that are in need.