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Fun filled, safe games for all the family!



Playing together is a very important part of creating a postive relationship between us and our dogs - provided it is done in a safe and supervised way.

Here are a few examples of games the whole family can play. I have tried and tested them with my motley crew (two under 4’s and a 7-year old Staffie Cross) and they get the thumbs (and paws) up, from all! 


Hide and Seek

This childhood game isn’t just reserved for humans - four-legged friends can take part too!

Find one of your dog’s favourite toys or grab a handful of treats.

Have your dog sit and stay in one room. Then, go and hide in another!

Once you’ve situated yourself in a good hiding place, call your dog.

When they find you, reward them enthusiastically with treats and praise!


Doggy Treat Hunt

It doesn’t have to be Easter for your dog to play this egg-hunt-inspired game!

Grab their favourite smelly treats (either alone or stuffed inside a treat-holding toy) and hide them around the living room or garden.

Make sure your canine companion is in another room, so they don’t see or smell the secret hiding spots!

Then invite your dog to you and watch them sniff away!


Round Robin

This fun activity is perfect for all the family.

Every member sits around the room (or any other space) with a handful of treats.

Each person takes turns calling out their dog’s name.

Every time the dog comes, they should be rewarded with treats and praise!


Simon Says

This game is great for dogs who already know the basics - ‘sit’, ‘stay’, ‘down’, ‘roll over’, ‘shake’ etc.

Grab some treats and test your dog’s ability to understand these commands.

Make sure to mix up the commands to really keep your dog on their toes!

Give the dog a treat after each go to reward them for good behaviour.