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Pawsitive Action at HMP Parc

The men at HMP Parc have made a wonderful contribution to Bridgend Rehoming Centre by making a huge pile of dog toys to keep the residents entertained. Many of the men have completed the Taking the Lead programme and very much understand that centre dogs as well as any dog can get bored quite quickly and love toys and activities to keep their bodies and minds active. The toys have even been made from recycled prison clothes which is a real help to the environment.

The Taking the Lead programme that we deliver in secure estates across the country, builds empathy and understanding towards dogs. With many of the men at HMP Parc either owning a dog at home or planning to get a dog upon release, it is a great opportunity for us to develop positive attitudes towards dogs and help them make good choices for their dogs in the future, including keeping them physically and mentally occupied with toys, exercise, games and training.  Mel the Belgian Malinois certainly had fun with her new toy, she says a big thanks to HMP Parc.