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Attention all teachers! We are now offering 30-minute online family workshops to encourage children to think and act responsibly around dogs to benefit everyone’s wellbeing. These free, fun, interactive sessions are delivered via Zoom or Microsoft Teams directly to your home and suitable for all the family. If you are interested and would like to find out more, please contact us via email at [email protected] We can't wait to hear from you!

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When is the right time to get a dog?

Deciding to get a dog is a massive commitment, our education team's job is to spread the word on how to be a responsible dog owner. This of course could include making the decision not to get a dog as your families' lifestyle does not have enough time, energy, patience or spendable income to do it responsibly.  Especially around Christmas when there is so much going on, extra stress, extra engagements all in all a very busy time. 

A family which attended a Dogs Trust session at Broughton Ashley Library over half term were really please they had learnt this lesson.  They came up after the session to thank me, as now it had confirmed that they just do not have time to train, walk and mentally enrich a dog probably.  It is only fair on a dog to wait until there is enough time to look after it in the responsible way that all dogs need.

Another family thanked me for all the really useful information, as although they have a dog, they now understand it so much better and will stop shouting at it when it does something wrong. They now realise it is their responsibility to either make sure that temptation is out of the way or the dog needs more training.  They are looking forward to watching our Dog School Videos

If you are interested in finding out more about the free Dogs Trust Sessions we run at libraries and schools or just want to find out more about how to behave around dogs please explore our website   All the children and their parents loved learning all about what they need to look after a dog properly and how their behaviour effects how a dog is feeling.