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Attention all teachers! We are now offering 30-minute online family workshops to encourage children to think and act responsibly around dogs to benefit everyone’s wellbeing. These free, fun, interactive sessions are delivered via Zoom or Microsoft Teams directly to your home and suitable for all the family. If you are interested and would like to find out more, please contact us via email at [email protected] We can't wait to hear from you!

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Dressing up our dogs - should we or shouldn't we?

So...dressing up our dogs might sound like a fab idea; providing us with a cute photo for Insta! But for the vast majority of dogs, clothing that transforms them in to a pumpkin at Halloween and an elf at Christmas, is going to be very stressful and cause them to feel incredibly anxious and uncomfortable. 

By all means, dress your dog in a warm dog coat for Winter (to keep out the cold and protect against the elements), but other clothing items like reindeer antlers and turkey hats, aren’t needed or necessary! 

"But what if we only put them on for a couple of seconds and take them right off?", I hear you ask?...Even briefly ‘popping’ these items on your dog can be overwhelming and make them very uneasy. Is it really worth compromising their happiness for a the sake of a simple snap?Furthermore, by their very nature, costumes ‘mask’ doggy body language, which in turn, poses a significant safety risk, to you and others. Dogs communicate (with both humans and other dogs) by using their bodies. If we ‘take away’ this communication tool, the likelihood of negative interaction occurring, increases.

For advise on dog coats, as well as how to keep your dog safe this coming winter, please visit our website: 

You can also find out all about our 'Be Dog Smart' safety messaging, by clicking on the ‘Safety’ tab at the top of the page! 

Best wishes, Stacey :)