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New Year - Same Old Myths

It’s a brand new year and I’ve started a few new Taking the Lead courses in South Wales. The first session is always a really interesting one and full of the age old myths about dogs. To name a few;

  • "Dogs can only see in black & white"

  • "Staffie's have lock jaw"

  • "Dogs have antiseptic in their tongues so you should let them lick your cuts"

  • "Labradors never bite"

  • "You need to show your dog who is boss or he will take over"

  • "If your dog pees on the floor you must rub his nose in it"

It’s a great starting point and the most important thing for me is not to make anyone feel bad or silly for thinking these things. All these myths come from somewhere, be it the media, what you are told growing up, or a personal experience you may have had in the past.

Our sessions really give us the opportunity to explore where the myths have come from and what the real truth is when it comes to dogs. Some myths that people hold true can have a real impact on how they view and treat their dogs and in many cases people just believe they are doing the right thing because they have never questioned otherwise. They certainly leave our courses with a different attitude and understanding around dogs. The important thing is to do the right research, don’t always believe what you are told and by gaining a better understanding, it will positively affect the lives of dogs.

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