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"I want to get a dog"

Owning a dog can give us companionship, play, laughter, pride and a great reason to take regular exercise!!  

Responsible dog ownership requires us to show empathy, be kind, patient, understanding and selfless. In our workshops we regularly discuss how wonderful it is being a dog owner! 

However, we also have to be aware and honest, that sometimes we are not in the right position or able to give a dog everything it needs.  

We must remember that dogs need;

D aily mental stimulation and play!  

O wners that can provide company and don’t leave them on their own for long!

G rooming –  especially if they have long hair!

S ocialising - so they feel relaxed being out and about e.g. around traffic, bicycles, livestock, other dogs

T wice daily walks - even in cold or wet weather!

R egular health care - including daily health checks and vet visits when needed!

U nderstanding owners who can interpret body language/stress signals and react when needed

S omewhere safe and comfortable to live and sleep

T raining  -  using positive rewards to encourage behaviours. Our regional Dog Schools run very helpful classes.   


There are lots of things to think about before getting a dog, and you must think about whether you can provide a dog with all of these!