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Is your school holding a STEM week? Did you know our workshops can help you deliver topic weeks?

We have a range of dog-themed workshops from Canine Calculation to Dogs Senses and Safety that fit in perfectly to topic weeks such as STEM week, Science Week or Healthy Living Week.

Education and Community Officers Rachel and Gemma had great fun visiting Mearns Primary (Scotland’s largest Primary school) to take part in their exciting STEM week! P6 classes who took part in our Canine Calculations workshop calculated that a Greyhound will walk approx. 7hrs over a week, whereas a Jack Russell will walk approx. 14hrs over a week! Pupils were surprised by this - expecting the Greyhound to walk far further. Pupils were then able to explain why breed research is crutial when considering a dog to ensure you choose a dog/breed that suits your lifestyle. As one pupil commented "Although they are cute and fluffy, a husky is not for you if you are not active everyday". While another P6 class explored a dogs senses and what this means regarding our behaviour around dogs. For example, did you know a dog's sense of hearing is 4 times better than ours - therefore we should behave quietly and calmly around dogs. Or how about that a dogs vision becomes very blurry when something/someone is close up - therefore we shouldn’t put our faces close to a dogs face, and kisses and hug can be scary for dogs so it is best to give them gentle strokes.

If you would like to find out more about our workshops and how we can help you deliver topic weeks get in touch!