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Easter Treats for dogs!

Happy Easter everyone!

Whilst we might be enjoying some extra Easter goodies this week, please remember that chocolate is toxic to dogs! So, let's keep those Easter eggs out of sight and reach of your dogs and instead you could make some dog friendly treats!

Here is a link to our Easy Peanut Butter Dog Treats recipe.

To make these more Easter-themed you could always use an egg or rabbit shaped cutter!
You will need:
- 2 cups flour
- ½ cup peanut butter (xylitol free)
- 2 eggs
- ¼ cup water
- chosen shape cutter


To keep your dog stimulated and happy, why not make mealtimes more interesting? Try scattering food indoors or in the garden so that your dog can go and hunt for it! Or lay treat-trails for your dog to follow and watch them sniff along – be creative! This type of mental activity/enrichment is a great way to prevent boredom, whilst also teaching a variety of skills such as problem solving, searching and building confidence. Take a look at our video for more enrichment ideas.

Enrichment is a key necessity for dogs and, as a result, enrichment is also one of our main focuses during our Responsible Dog Ownership workshops. In these workshops, we consider what types of behaviour dogs may present if they are feeling bored or frustrated. It is also important that we understand why different breeds require different types of enrichment and care as this will need to be considered in order to ensure which type of dog will suit your lifestyle.

If you do use treats, it is important that you adjust your dog’s normal food accordingly so that they don’t gain weight. You can split their daily food allowance into portions to use in different ways throughout each day. If you would like any more advice on diet please follow this link and look for our Diet and Nutrition factsheet under Safety.

We'd love to see any pics of your delicious creations or fun games so please do share on Facebook or Twitter :)