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Learning to juggle?

As parents during this strange and uncertain time, juggling your children, doggos, work, and even your own wellbeing, may seem like a hugely daunting task. Our Education team have many years of teaching between us so have put together some tips and advice to help you with managing your children’s learning through these testing times which we hope will help.

Top tips:

  • School-aged children have become accustomed to routine. For younger children, teaching them how to tell the time can be beneficial. Try to implement an isolation routine at home. For example, for children who seem to be constantly hungry, telling them what time to expect meals and snacks cuts down on the constant asking!
  • Focus on core subjects in the morning (Most Primary and Secondary schools will have four Maths and four English lessons a week). Emphasise to children that learning each year will build up, so if you do learn it now it will make things easier for next year.
  • Take learning away from the screen. For example, if Maths tasks/questions are on a screen, working out on paper might seem odd. So why not write the questions out on paper then it should be easier for the rest of the task to be carried out in the same way. 
  • Kids need a brain break no matter what age. We recommend the following for each age: 
    • For KS1 (aged 5-7) children try 15-20 minutes of learning, followed by 15 minutes of break. Their tasks should be interactive rather than eyes on a screen. 
    • For KS2 (aged 7-11) children encourage 30 minutes of learning followed by a 15-minute break. 
    • KS3 (aged 11-14) (+ KS4 (aged 14-16) children should be able to complete 45 minutes of learning with 15-minute breaks. 
  • If you can agree on set times for learning, creating a routine will help both them and yourselves, with the older children able to manage their free time around their learning slots.  


Why not check out the range of free learning resources we have on our website? Our curriculum-linked teaching resources provide fun activities with a dog themed context to engage children and bring learning to life! There’s everything from ‘A new puppy’ (literacy) to ‘Canine cashflow’ (maths) and ‘How have dogs changed over time?’ (science).

We also have some fun activities on the ‘Kids Space’ area of our website.