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Adapting to the ‘new normal’!

Hi everyone, I hope you’re keeping safe and well,

During the Summer term, shortly after schools closed to the majority of pupils, the team set about adapting and reworking our lessons for an online audience. Following successful trials and some great feedback, we were ready to share our new online safety workshops with schools all over the UK. We're so pleased to be able to offer our free, fun and educational workshops directly to your classroom!



What are the benefits of a virtual Dogs Trust visit?

  • Using dogs as a focus, our workshops aim to develop compassionate attitudes and behaviours towards all living beings.

  • We deliver our workshops with a great deal of passion in creative and imaginative ways to ensure a memorable and positive learning experience.

  • With nearly 9 million dogs in the UK, children will develop an important and necessary understanding about safe and considerate behaviour around the dogs they know and live with, and those they may see out and about in the community.

  • Our workshops can be slotted into your school’s timetable easily, and we can deliver to different classes throughout the day.

  • A great alternative to school trips, with minimal organisation and no need to book months in advance.

  • An opportunity for children to access an expert, without having to leave the classroom.

  • Individual workshops for each class mean lots of opportunities for discussion and questions, just like if we were there in person.

  • Excellent links to citizenship and PSHE.

 What can I expect from a virtual Dogs Trust visit?

Our key audience is KS2 children, who we offer our ‘Safe Behaviour Around Dogs’ workshop for, lasting 60 minutes. Providing you book 2 or more KS2 classes, we’re more than happy to also offer our 30 minute ‘Happy Dog Rules’ workshop for your KS1 classes too. Once we have introduced ourselves to your class, we will use the screen share function to show our fun and interactive power point to the class via the class interactive whiteboard. Just like we would in person, we ask lots of questions which will encourage children to think carefully about how they might act around dogs in different situations, and discuss what safe options we have for interacting with dogs, both inside and outside of the home. At the end of the workshop, we ask children to reflect on how they will behave differently around dogs at home and out and about, based on their learning from the workshop.

 How do I organise a virtual Dogs Trust visit?

The first thing you need to do is email your local Education Officer. An enquiry form and their email addresses can be found here: If the area you live in does not have an associated Education Officer please email [email protected] and one of the team will get back to you. We’ll discuss which classes you’re interested in booking for and set dates and times for your workshops. Then we will send an individual Zoom or Teams invite to the teacher of each class. A working microphone and camera are all you need, we’ll do the rest.


During these uncertain times with the situation across the country continually changing and evolving, we would love to hear your thoughts on how appropriate our workshops are for your schools, including any advice on how we can best deliver our workshops to your pupils safely and effectively.

We would really appreciate you taking the time to complete our short online survey via this link:

Please note we do not collect any personal data and the purpose of the survey is to understand the school’s position to Dogs Trust workshops.


We’re looking forward to delivering workshops for lots of you very soon!

Stay safe,


Dogs Trust Education Team