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Snow is falling, all around us, dogs playing, having fun…

With the temperatures dropping throughout the country recently, we have had plenty of frost, ice and even snowfall. Now if you’re like me, you will lovewalking your four-legged friend in the beautiful, white surroundings the snow brings, while documenting every magical moment! Snow is not only exciting for us but also exciting and very unusual for dogs too. It can really bring out their inquisitive nature. If you are unsure about how your dog may react in the snow (perhaps it’s their first time) perhaps keep them on their lead and explore your surroundings together.

Here is Walter the Beagle (my best friend) ready for a lovely winter walk during the recent snowfall in Leeds.

Some dogs may benefit from wearing a jacket, but won’t necessarily be used to wearing one so it’s important we get them used to this carefully and gradually, so that they feel happy to wear them in order to stay warm, dry and safe. We have some great advice on how to do this, as well as other great top tips for winter walks, which you find here

Top tips to keep your dog safe this winter.



With the cold snap often comes scary stories of dogs getting trapped/falling through frozen stretches of water. We should always be extra vigilant of our dogs around frozen water, especially if they usually love a good swim. Always keep your dog on a lead around frozen ponds/lakes/canals etc., to prevent any problems. If they were to fall through the ice, always ring the emergency services rather than jump in after them and encourage them to swim back to you.

One of the advantages of a cold, crisp, frosty start to the day is that our furry friends tend to stay clean. However, throw in a bit of rain, sleet or snow and the picture can quickly change. I am quite lucky that not only has Walt got short hair (easy to wipe down), he also actively tries to avoid puddles and mud. Saying that, there will always be something that is simply unavoidable, resulting in the obligatory wipe down procedure when we get home (not one of Walter’s favourite parts of the day.) Although Walt is not a huge fan of being cleaned, it is an important part of a wet/damp/muddy walks, nonetheless. Not only to keep us and our houses dirt-free, but more importantly to keep our dog’s paws and fur free from dirt, grit and wetness that can really irritate their skin if left. Having a dog towel handy at the door and treats in your pocket as a reward are handy tips that I would share to make this process slightly easier for everyone involved, if like Walter they not a fan of the wipe down procedure.

And finally, here he is after his winter walk resting up, so he is ready to go again.

Wrap up warm everyone and stay safe!