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Building Confidence Around Dogs

At Dogs Trust, we understand that not everyone is comfortable being around dogs and we know some people may even be scared of them. This can impact both adults and children and may result in avoidance of everyday activities that could otherwise be fun. Such activities might include visiting the park, going to see friends, or simply walking down the street.

We are pleased to offer our ‘Building Confidence Around Dogs’ leaflet, which is full of helpful advice on how to understand more about fear and manage anxieties. It’s available to download here.

Top tips whilst out and about:

  • If you see a dog and are frightened, try to remain calm and walk past them slowly
  • Avoid running away as this may encourage a dog to chase after you. Often, they mistake this for a game
  • Try not to scream as this may alarm or excite a dog.

*Dogs Trust worked alongside psychologist Dr Olivia Kenneally to develop this guide. If the fear is at a high level, or to overcome a fear altogether, further professional advice should be sought.