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At Dogs Trust, we are committed to ensuring that dogs and children live safely together, so that everyone enjoys the many benefits of the human-canine bond.

Understanding important times when dogs need to be given space is a fundamental way to keep everyone safe. Below are some examples of when dogs enjoy being given time alone:

  • When sleeping and resting – just like us, dogs need their own space to go to if they want to sleep, rest, or relax. Sometimes dogs may choose to sleep in a place other than their bed, such as the sofa, or the floor. Wherever they choose to go, it’s important for them to enjoy that time undisturbed.
  • When eating or enjoying other resources- whatever resource a dog is enjoying, whether it be their dinner, treats, toys, or something else important to them, it’s best they are left alone. Any dog may feel unsafe or uncomfortable if they think an important resource may be taken away from them.

Overall, choice is so important for our dogs! We should always give them the freedom to move away from a person or situation if they wish to, without being followed. This is a vital way to ensure they feel safe and comfortable, and is also a great way to build a loving, trusting bond between dogs and their families.


Activities for children and dogs

As explained above, there are times when it’s important to give dogs space. The good news is, there are lots of other ways to show dogs we love and care for them. Below are some great examples!


Dogs Trust is pleased to offer a free, online workshop for families, which covers this information in more detail, plus important areas of responsible dog ownership, as well as dog body language. Please visit this page to book a place or find out more about our ‘Dogs and children: living safely together’ workshop.