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Virtual Workshops with Dogs Trust We are delighted to be offering FREE 30-45 minute online workshops via a secure online platform (Zoom, Microsoft Teams), directly into your classroom! These sessions can be slotted into your school’s timetable easily and we can even deliver multiple workshops to different classes throughout the day. All you need is an interactive whiteboard with sound capabilities, so that we can share our fun presentation with your class. If you are interested in booking a virtual workshop or would like to discuss this further with us then feel free to email [email protected] We’d love to hear from you!

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Following the governments advice that we all have to stay at home, this means big changes to your dog’s daily routine. The Education Team at Dogs Trust have some top tips for you all to keep in mind to ensure that our dogs and children stay safe and happy over these next few weeks whilst at home:

1. Choice and Freedom to move away - Ensure that your dog can always move away from any interaction and not be followed, whether that be with you or your children.

2. A safe space and sleeping place – Just like us, dogs need their own space to escape to and relax whenever they need to. Remember, they aren’t used to you being there all the time. Creating a doggy den is a great idea, but if that isn’t possible then create a ‘dog only zone’ where they can go to sleep and be undisturbed by anyone. How to build a doggy den, follow this link 

3. Playing and eating un-disturbed - Allow dogs to enjoy their resources without being disturbed, whether that be when they’re eating their dinner, or playing with a toy by themselves. No one likes to be disturbed when eating their favourite meal!

4. Have suitable games for your dog to play – It’s important that your dog stays active mentally as well as physically during this time. Follow this link for some great ideas of games and activities you can play with your dog. 

For further advice on Covid19 and your dog, please refer to our FAQ section here 

Dogs Trust are offering FREE dog safety workshops to ensure we can all live together safely and happily at home and in the community. Whether children own dogs or not it is important that they learn how to interact with unknown dogs in the correct way, learn what to do if they are scared and develop a respect and empathy for dogs they know and live with.

We also offer advice and support for expectant parents on how to prepare your dog for your new arrival and how to manage safe interactions once the baby is born. 

If you would like to arrange a safety workshop at your local school, antenatal/postnatal group, library, community centre or other suitable community location contact your local Education and Community Officer directly via their email or phone number listed. 

We also offer comprehensive safety resources which are available to everyone. You can order printed copies of our literature through this online order form or download from links to the right on this page. 

Check out our videos packed with lots of easy to understand messages for your children.

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