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Our Be Dog Smart programme focusses on Safe Behaviour Around Dogs, and every year we work with hundreds of schools, offering free workshops and assemblies. Our programme aims to harness safe, loving relationships between children and the dogs they share their lives and social settings with.

We do this by encouraging them to adopt safe and kind behaviours towards their canine friends.

Our workshops are designed to complement areas of the curriculum and generally support classroom learning. Additionally, we aim to provide options for schools to best suit their environments, timetables, and capacity to facilitate external guests.

Our trained and experienced Education and Community Officers are fully equipped to ensure the workshops are engaging and interactive. Our priority audience is 7-11 year olds but we are pleased to extend our offering to 5-7 year olds where minimum booking requirements have been met.* 

*Where possible, we aim to secure a minimum of two workshops for 7-11 year olds per booking.

Here’s what teachers had to say:

"It exceeded my expectations.  Sometimes when you have organisations in, the deliverers may be experts in their field but not experts in talking to a class of children and you often feel you could have done it better yourself.  Not this time, Alison had both the expertise in the field and great expertise with managing a group of children.  Very impressed.”

“Jo was brilliant! Communication before the visit was fab. It was very easy to organise, and the 2 days ran really smoothly. Jo was excellent with the children (of all ages) and we will look forward to having her back again.”

“Already seeing a difference with our dogs in school. The children have since been much quieter when approaching them and ask to stroke them rather than just assume they can.”

For more information on our workshops, please see our FAQ or watch our video below!


To book a visit or find out more, contact your local Education and Community Officer. Find their details here or download our workshop guide below:

  • Education Workshop Guide (England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland)

    Free classroom resources are also available and can be accessed on this page. These focus on other important topics such as ‘Responsible Dog Ownership’ and ‘Dogs in War’. These resources can be incorporated into your own lessons wherever you feel they may complement your curriculum focus.