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Free Learning Resources

Our curriculum-linked classroom teaching resources provide fun activities with a dog themed context to engage your pupils and bring learning to life.

We provide resources that can be used with pupils aged 4-16+, just click on the links below to find out what we have to offer.

Resources are available to download as pdf or zip files. Some have supporting films, which can be watched by clicking on the 'Play film' link.

KS1 and KS2
  • Assembly Learning Resource


    This resource aims to facilitate pupil exploration of feelings and emotions by providing discussion stimulus based on the role of Dogs Trust.

    Download - ZIP 6.08 MB Play film
  • Citizenship - Knowledge Is Power

    Citizenship - Knowledge Is Power

    Explores the decision processes involved in getting a dog. The classroom activities help pupils understand the importance of making informed decisions.

    Download - ZIP 10.27 MB Play film
  • Citizenship - Responsibility

    Citizenship - Responsibility

    Educating pupils about the responsibility of dog ownership and the importance of the decisions and processes involved.

    Download - ZIP 10.42 MB Play film
  • Free Learning Resources Design & Technology

    Design & Technology

    Fun, structured activities providing dog themed design and make projects, that provide an alternative context for learning to engage and motivate pupils.

    Download - ZIP 3.15 MB
  • Free Learning Resources Drama


    Two engaging drama based activities, helping pupils to understand life from a dog's perspective in order to make them aware of the dangers of inappropriate behaviour around dogs and with dogs.

    Download - ZIP 19.62 MB Play film Play film
  • Free Learning Resources English


    Two engaging English activities which help educate pupils about the importance of socialisation and natural behaviour, in ensuring that dogs are happy, healthy and cared for by their owners.

    Download - ZIP 13.27 MB Play film Play film
  • Free Learning Resources Maths


    Educating pupils about dogs' needs using fun dog themed maths activities linked to real life problem solving.

    Download - ZIP 7.71 MB Play film
  • Free Learning Resources Citizenship

    PSHE & Citizenship - 5 A Day

    Uses stories and discussion based activities to teach pupils 5 different things about dogs each day.

    Download - ZIP 2.88 MB
  • PSHE & Citizenship - Times Do Change

    PSHE & Citizenship - Times Do Change

    A short activity to complement our range of resources. Times Do Change supports PSHE and Citizenship and is a story based activity investigating caring for others, responsbility, difference and change.

    Download - PDF 476 KB
  • Free Learning Resources Science


    Five engaging science enquiry activities and four citizenship, social, emotional, health and wellbeing discussion topics, supported by a fun filled five minute film which follows Inspector Paws on his morning walk. To view the video, download the zip file and extract the resources to your computer.

    Download - ZIP 52.17 MB
KS3 and KS4
  • Free Learning Resources Business Studies

    Business Studies

    Developed with Business Studies teachers, this resource uses real life Dogs Trust information and materials.

    Download - PDF 1.03 MB
  • Free Learning Resources Citizenship


    Uses peer-led learning to help groups of pupils to prepare and deliver an assembly, workshop or display to help others learn about the work of Dogs Trust, and the importance of responsible dog ownership.

    Download - PDF 1.17 MB
  • Free Learning Resources English


    This resource uses Dogs Trust campaign materials to enable pupils to support a range of text-level activities within the Key Stage 3 strategy for English.

    Download - PDF 1.16 MB
  • Free Learning Resources History


    This resource uses primary source material from World Wars I and II, to help students develop their skills of historical enquiry.

    Download - PDF 2.59 MB
  • Dogs Trust Careers Information

    Dogs Trust Careers Information

    Want to find out about the different careers at Dogs Trust? Check out our factsheets for more information.

    Download - PDF 1.49 MB
  • Enterprise Project Guide

    Enterprise Project Guide

    This guide helps students complete their Enterprise Project by identifying and developing their enterprise skills, whilst finding out more about what we do.

    Download - PDF 8.72 MB